your boy Alain Edit

Alain, Ambushed Edit

Help Alain kill the enemies and defend him while he and you are killing the enemies.

Start an Awesome Gang, Part One Edit

Kill the guards surrounding the mansion and Yuri the Red, then save E-man

alain’s boy E-man

Sous-Chef Edit

Find and rescue Papillon, E-Man's assistant and destory the boat.

Not Astrophysics Edit

Steal a carbon phenolic from a space agency.

Non-Compete Agreement Edit

Recruit a new cook for E-Man.

Cornering The Market Edit

Find Duke's product and destory it.

your Boy Alain Edit

Witness Protection Edit

Defend the last witness who testifies against Judge Tarpon.

Marie Edit

High Dive Edit

Steal a limo, pick up the gambler and drown him inside the limo.

Warm Reception Edit

Help Marie's predictions come true.

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